Station Manager

Formerly known as entertainer Jo Popp fronting The Professors, I was recently reborn as Jo Engel, presenting on KS Radio as JamminJo, and managing the Station.

Stellenbosch, South Africa is my home town, where my wife and I live at the Lynedoch Eco Village in the picturesque wine lands.

The ‘rainbow nation’ village is about sustainability which is right up my ally. I am grateful for the gifts and talents I was born with, and believe they need to be applied for a bigger purpose than just myself.

I love the ethos of the Missing Kind which KindaSound forms part of. Looking forward to be of useful service, now and forever.

Let’s do it together.

Jo's day being interviewed by Hugh in the getting to know our presenters segment.

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With a philosophy of enough is enough!  A late developer in discovering the true extent of social injustices and independence, sustainability through Social Enterprise, cooperative work in and shared ownership, this comes with a high expectation of my peers and with it a repeated misunderstanding of the word 'pioneering'. 

The apparent mainstream media monopoly and the demise in impartial reporting and free speech, I have inspired in the creation of both the KindaSound Radio and the associated discussion platform, www.

I am not an active social care worker, but so thankful for all those Kindness Champions who are so gifted. I am neither a dedicated Vegan nor Vegan,  but so thankful to the many who are – these continue to influence my awareness and mindfulness in food consumption!  I am also not an artist, a radio enthusiast or journalist, but I am a visionary who can see the need for both. 

In my quest to develop a kindness network, ironically, I myself have fallen short on mindful kindness and spirituality, now a priority in order to cope with the rocky road of media manipulation ahead

KindaSound has always been a visionary part of the 'Kinda' brand to help awareness and expansion of the movement, a key tool for global influence and connection, for youth engagement and community building.  With the power of kindness, we can inspire a change in belief and educational systems, we can slowly open closed minds, we can stimulate vision and the courage to make a change towards a respectful life for ad 

I personally need to slow the drive and focus on kindness to myself and those closest in delivering this legacy.  Dedicated to see this network thrive, with the next generation in place, and my 100th birthday, 1/3rd to go.

Wishing you Enough
Hugh Callacher

A long time journalist, copywriter & contributor to 70 publications, Shellee-Kim spent seven years globetrotting- often solo- through 43 countries.

Her life's true inner calling in Oneness with the Divine within has been a work in progress for 30+ years. Serving humanity to help raise consciousness through her innate gifts has always been her passion.

In addition to presenting for, Shellee-Kim also presents a show on things metaphysical on on Sundays between 6-9 pm. 

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Giles Bryant founded the World Healing Project 15 years ago to promote wellbeing initiatives around the world.  

He is a yoga teacher, songwriter and music producer who has given concerts, workshops and set up community projects throughout the world.   

Giles now lives in Clare, England with his family.

A truth seeker, animal lover, health enthusiast and living a plant-based life.
I'm fascinated by the human concepts and cultures, having been raised religious Afrikaans, it took me a while to start asking better questions about life.
Traveling to other countries and exploring other cultures talking to new English, French and Italian friends about their beliefs and the systems or institutions they were exposed to made me realise how much of my journey will be a learning one. 
Now my mission in life became living in the now, improving and getting to know myself by looking at life from different angles. 
One could say seeking my truth is my degree of view of "The Truth" about this universe, energy, or perhaps reality. is my latest project where we will create a community of likeminded sentient beings, live off the land and unplug (as far as possible).
+27 (0) 83 777 3663

She has a passion for people, planet and prosperity.

Yajna has a background in business, promotions and marketing. This serial entrepreneur, go-getter, activist, philanthropist wishes to empower other like-minded individuals.

To get in touch with her pop an email to

A leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing.

Juliette has three published books and written countless articles for magazines, newspapers and journals, all arising from her extensive research into healthy living, wellbeing and nutrition. She offers her professional services as Nutritional Health Consultant to individuals and groups within both public and business sectors. Her dynamic, intuitive and evidenced presentations are well received, enjoyable and noted for the simplicity and accessibility of the approaches she offers.

Her website features a wealth of original free content as well as details of her extensive range of superfood blends, tonics and supplements – organically produced using plant based ingredients and sought by customers the world over.

MSc Success Psycologist, Executive coach, Mentor and Trainer.

Kath Temple is a warm, inspiring MSc Success Psychologist. Her clients call her The Jedi. Kath is a gifted Change-Agent, and a sought after Mindset and Executive Coach, Mentor and Trainer.

She has trained tens of thousands of people and young people all over the world. An entrepreneur and social entrepreneur with businesses in the UK and Gibraltar, she is also a Solution-Focused Psychotherapist, NLP Trainer and Master, Master Coach, Mentor, Adult & Further Education Teacher, Hypnotherapist, EFT Master Trainer, and PTSD & Trauma Recode specialist.

Paul McKenna has referred clients to her since 1999. She has presented on Success, Happiness, Leadership, Mindset, Leadership, The Emotions, Belief Change, Behavioural Change, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, and Mindfulness. She is a regular on BBC radio, and has worked with people from all walks of life including celebrities, top business leaders, Olympians and paralympians, football, rugby and tennis players, doctors, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, headteachers, teachers, trainers, coaches, and therapists all over the world.

She has been in business for 22 years and prior to that worked in the energy industries, for BBC Radio, in education, in media and PR, and was appointed by the Secretary of State to the SEN & Disability Tribunal, where Trevor Aldridge, QC, President of the Tribunal appointed her to the Tribunal Training Committee where she trained Barristers, Lawyers and Specialist Members.

Ian Lynch is the Author of Rites of Man book and card deck for men. An NLP Master, Coach, and EFT Practitioner, Ian is a workshop leader on happiness and success, specialising in working with men and boys, guiding and supporting them to live their best lives. 

Ian has appeared on the BBC five times as an expert on happiness. 

His brilliant and utterly unique 70 card deck and accompanying book offers discussionnd self-inquiry on important aspects of life. Whilst written for a male audience the book and deck can be used  as a coaching tool or daily reflection for anyone.

Maureen Hewitt moved to Liverpool four years ago, born in smallest county called Rutland in the UK.  Suffered depression and anxiety most of my life. 

I Have used and trained others in many healing techniques using them to help the self and others. I have my teaching degree, proudest moment. Teaching holistic and spiritual enlightenment for 30 yrs. 

Came into poetry 2yrs ago through a creative writing group.  Never realised that I could write a poem. All of us have a poem inside of ourselves, that unspoken word. 

Enjoying being a kindasound radio presenter of my show on a Sunday morning Poetry in motion.

Content research

Adi aka Andriana Andreeva
Role at KindaSound: Helper when needed.
Origins: Bulgarian Religion: kindness :)
Religion : All
Place : Planet Earth, Rila Mountain, Europa continent
Founder of Adart Home-art space with a heart
Author of the literary bilingual arts monograph - poetry and painting - limited edition 2012 hard copy "The miracles of the little things"
In favour of : Provocative Psychology methods.
(with background studies as follows in Children's psychology, Modern applied Psychology, Terapeutic Art life coach Certification)
Ideas: It is very simple to be Happy it is harder to be simple.
Values : Live in cooperation with nature.
Secrets: Still slow cooking the grandma's recipes and adores gardening , still reading old books, still listens classical music when alone.