We - the Unique or the wisdom of Nature vs the human significance

We - the unique:

We don`t try to get noticed - we just happen to be so good to get noticed...

We don`t try to impress - we just happen to be so witty to impress...

We don`t want to get known - our unique qualities just happen to get us known by so many ...

 AA Blog SwallowHow many people try to climb to a place named "Success" (whatever the meaning of success) and how many live beyond their lifetime? ... the world is small and the fame lurks on all sides...

What amazes most in our days is the individual self-assurance of unique worth - in other words; The self-statement of superiority that leads to more or less feeling of "I tolerate" everything else that is "less" than I am because I am the educated one and it is in my power to "be tolerant".

Very old wisdom reminds-us: "Until the Lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter. " 

The wisdom does not say nor mean that the hunter possesses very special unique qualities much more worthy in comparison to those of the Lion. It is just the ability to write ... Another old wisdom advises- "the higher you stand - the humbler you would be" and it is true.


 Albert Einstein left for us a very profound formula equation: "The bigger the Knowledge- the lesser the Ego; the lesser the Knowledge - the bigger the Ego"- this is absolutely correct when it comes to our expressions of self-worth, self-importance and self-significance.

It is spring-time. Have you ever observed the swallows? If not - by all means, you have to.

They fly over half of the planet twice a year. Once they reach the land they aim to settle on- they sing. Then they start building their "seasonal" home (do your own research on this one if you want). Then they have their little ones and from morning until the sun sets they spend their time teaching the little ones everything they know about flying, building homes, all about the food supply and they never stop singing.

AA Blog Swallows

 But none of them tap themselves on the wings for doing so. It is not something they will praise as unique and superior among their kind. Seems they have the humility that we - humans lack. If we observe more of their actions, perhaps we will reach the understanding that whatever we do as long as it is of good use to the whole it does not necessarily have to be unique or worth praise. We often chase the "feel better" in/for ourselves because of the recognition of the others and once we have it - we grow up to the sky our self-made significance and lower our real and true perception of everything and everyone around us. Perhaps it is how we are designed in the first place. But every design is subject to change. It is unique and owns free will to change our own design not into growing of the feeling of our own imaginary significance but in the humble understanding that we do what we do according to what our abilities and knowledge let us do and it is not anything special in comparison to what every single species on the planet does. 

As for our future, there are many unknowns and uncertainties that could be holding more lessons for us of how to learn back what we have lost through our obsession with our own human intelligence and uniqueness. 

There are definitely times approaching when Einstein’s words "I can means much more than the IQ " will apply on a daily basis, when our Mother Nature will apply her universal laws and where the human significance meaning will be the new subject of change.

Let us be prepared to face these days with grace and wisdom from the past and present and instead of the feeling of significance let us grow the feeling of belonging to the whole.

Andriana Andreeva

Stob, Bulgaria


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